Valentine’s Day

It’s the first day of March so it’s probably time I finally write about my Valentine’s Day, right? 

In all honesty, Valentine’s Day used to stress me out. I would forget to do cards for my son’s class until the day before because my schedule was so hectic. I would be scrambling Pinterest for easy to make printables and things I could put together for an entire class without a trip to the store. He just turned four. I still have like six years of valentines day class parties to deal with. The crazy thing is that Valentine’s Day happens the same time every year, I should be able to plan ahead.

What do me and hubby do for Valentine’s Day? Well, we usually don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is in January and our son’s birthday is also in February so we kind of push Valentine’s Day to the side. This year, I wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day. We could do something small, as a family and have a nice night. Little man wasn’t in school so I didn’t have to worry about making a gazillion valentines. I grabbed Little Man and we headed off to Target to raid their dollar spot.

I grabbed a couple decorations. It was all going to be very minimal, just enough to make it look like we were decorating for something, on purpose. While we were raiding the dollar spot I found a notebook that had dinosaurs all over the cover. I always carry a notebook with me and I write in my journal with me and Little Man is always asking to sit next to me and write. I knew that notebook would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Little Man. Once I decided to get Little Man a gift, my decoration set up changed in my head and we all needed gifts to make it work. My husband is the hardest person to shop for when it comes to presents. He isn’t someone who ever wants anything. Conveniently, he pointed at something during our last Target family trip that he thought was cool. That made deciding to get everybody gifts less stressful than it could have been. I grabbed myself a cute mug and I was all set.

I did all this about a week and a half before Valentine’s Day so I hid the presents, put away the decorations and waited for Valentine’s Day. When the day actually came, I ended up having to go to a local bake shop to order cupcakes for Little Man’s birthday. It turns out, finding a place that will make dairy-free cupcakes is a lot harder than you would think. While we were at the bake shop, I grabbed a cupcake for myself and hubby, they looked so good and would make a great dessert. They even had extra vegan cupcakes in the back so I was able to get one for Little Man.

Everything looked so cute once I was done and we didn’t even use it. Hubby got caught up in homework. I got a headache and took a nap and the next thing I knew it was almost 7pm and we needed to eat. We decided to go out to dinner. We also made this decision forgetting it was Valentine’s Day and everybody wants to go out to eat for Valentine’s Day. Apparently, the trick is to go out after 7pm because we didn’t have to wait for a table or anything. We had a nice dinner did another Target run, stayed out too late. It was weird but fun and not planned but awesome.

Hubby said my table looked nice even though we didn’t use it. Him and Little Man liked their presents. The cupcakes were delicious. It was good. This is how I kept Valentine’s Day minimal this year.


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