I love the holidays. I even get excited over National Pet day. I make a big deal out of holidays, I have traditions for all of them. We always pull out Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving and spend the morning decorating the house. Since that day is also Black Friday, we wait till the afternoon to leave the house and brave the stores to pick out a new ornament for the tree. Each year it is someone’s turn to pick the ornament and they get to pick whatever they want. (It’s my turn this year- my first year, we got a French fry ornament.) For Halloween, I try very hard to come up with cute family costumes but my husband won’t go for the Fairly Oddparents. Halloween also sneaks up on me and I’ll be a week out without a costume for anybody. Maybe this year will be the first year I get ahead of that ballgame.

Easter is an odd holiday for me. I love Easter and I love everything Easter is about. Easter reminds me of the simplicity of my salvation and makes me grateful. The sacrifice wasn’t simple but it’s a simple fact because Jesus sacrificed himself, I’m saved. However, I never know what to do for the holiday. Every year has been different. We don’t really have traditions when it comes to Easter. I don’t even remember what traditions we had when I was a kid. I remember egg hunts in the backyard. I have also found photographic evidence of really tight ponytails, dresses and an Easter bunny in an old photo. That tells me that things happened as a kid, I just don’t remember a lot of pomp and circumstance around it.

I’m a traditions person. I like having traditions and knowing what to expect for each holiday. This year, for Easter I was going to plan a semi-big deal and have an Easter party and invite everybody and their mother over. It was a solid plan. It was also a plan I never started putting to paper. Now, I am writing a blog post that I planned a month ago for this weekend because I was supposed to have all the Easter plans.

Easter has sprung up on me. Instead of scrambling to try and make the most perfect Easter I have ever seen, I think I’m gonna wing it. I’m going to check out the Easter events happening around my city and see what one I think my son will have the most fun at. Maybe we won’t even leave the house on Easter. Anything is possible. The one thing I know I won’t be doing is stressing about the things I need to do. In fact, deciding to wing it just took a thing off my to-do list.

One thing we’ll for sure have is an easter egg hunt. Before we started the no spending challenge, I got some easter stuff, like plastic eggs so he could have an easter egg hunt in our backyard. I’m going to celebrate that we have a backyard to have egg hunts in.

Happy Easter everybody! Tell me about your plans! I’ll fill you in on what we decided to do later.

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