Finding Happiness

One of the most common things I say is that you can’t allow one bad second, minute, hour, two hours decide the rest of the 24. I started thinking this when I would wake up feeling rushed and like I couldn’t get out the door in time. Regardless of feeling rushed in the morning, I shouldn’t allow that hour it took me to get ready to decide that the other 23 hours are going to be rushed and crazy. That’s like setting the day up for failure. I didn’t want that kind of commitment to a bad day. 

By the time you read this, it will be yesterday, but I’m going to tell you about my day and how I worked out finding happiness despite the bad moments. I even found happy parts in the bad moment. Today was grand.

This morning started off awesome, we got up, got ready, took my dog to his grooming appointment, you know typical adulting stuff. We got doughnuts and got some stuff we needed for the house. This year I am home schooling Little Man for preschool since he starts Kindergarten next year so we got some stuff to get that ready. We start Monday! We also made a trip to Ikea to work out Little Man’s school desk (and found the cutest one and he loves it). Side note, I would just like to point out I went to Ikea and I was in and out in less than an hour. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I’m giving myself ten points for that. 

Later, we were driving to go look at a model house. I hit a curb and completely killed my tire and had to pull off onto a side street where builders were currently working on the houses. This put both my husband and I in a grumpy mood because we were both frustrated that it happened. It’s not like anybody enjoys having to change a tire, in the heat, when you were in the middle of something. I highly doubt that someone would want that to happen to them. 

So, we off on this side street, blocking part of it, standing outside while my husband is working on putting on the little donut I had in my trunk. One of the construction workers came over with a car jack, that was better than mine and helped us change my tire. Faith in humanity restored. There are still nice and good people out there. Which is a nice reminder when there is so much awfulness going on in the news.

This one thing could have ruined our whole day. In the past, something like this might have even caused a fight because we were both so frustrated. While we weren’t frustrated at each other, and just the situation, in the past, we wouldn’t have recognized that and just taken it out on each other. Let’s be thankful for growth right now because even though we were frustrated, we didn’t take it out on each other. We went and checked out the model after we got the donut on. We weren’t impressed. It was a long shot anyway, hubby doesn’t like townhouses but since I do, he was open to checking some new ones out so see if he could get behind it. He can’t. I couldn’t get behind those either, to be honest. 

After, we headed over to the tire place to get a new tire. Instead of being grumpy that this whole thing was throwing off my day ( we were supposed to continue the adulting journey and go grocery shopping) I was grateful that we changed our budget and financial habits years ago so we had savings and I was able to go in and get my tire fixed without worrying about how we were going to get the money. Changing my tire was going to take a few hours, the tire shop was busy. So we walked over to the shopping center next door, got a snack, and walked around the store. We even ran into some friends and got to talk to them for a bit. Then my car was fixed earlier than the quoted time and we came home and had pizza for dinner. I got to work on a couple projects I’ve been meaning to work on and my brother and Little Man watched a movie together. 

Despite the hit to my savings and the time lost, it was still a very good day. While we were walking around the store, we got to have great conversations with each other and with our friends. Sometimes, it is really nice to run into someone at the store. I could have let ruining my tire be the end of the day and everything after it sucks. You know? It’s so easy to get into a “everything sucks” when something bad, frustrating or irritating happens. Especially when it comes at the end of a difficult week (like we had, a lot of emotions ran through my house). I choose to be happy today.

I believe happiness is a choice. I’m also a half glass full kind of girl. I bleed optimism. However, it isn’t a super hard choice to decide that something is going to ruin everything else. It is hard to act out, that is definitely a learned discipline. The choice to decide that one bad thing cannot rule out the other good is simple. I mean, if you had $1,000 would you be upset if you lost $10 of it? Would it ruin your whole day? That is why you shouldn’t allow a bad hour define the other 24. Finding happiness is pretty simple, you just have to look for it. 

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