Book Lovers Gift Guide (Part I)

It’s officially the gift giving season! Now, I’m not the best gift buyer in the history of anything. In fact, I very much struggle to even buy gifts for my husband. (I crushed it this year for Father’s day but that might be where I peaked.) Sometimes I struggle with my own thought process in my gift giving. “Oh, I could make… wait, if they wanted something like that, they could make it themselves.” Or I tell myself if they wanted whatever I’m thinking about, they would just buy it. I need to think harder. Gift giving can get stressful and I haven’t even gotten to the store yet. 

While I might be not the greatest gift picker for others, I am a great picker of books and things that book-lovers will love. The best gift to give someone who likes books is a book! No lie, if everybody I knew got me a book for Christmas, I’d be a happy camper. My favorite thing to do is to give books I’ve loved to friends who I know love to read. 

Here are five books I’ve loved this year! 

1. One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus– I technically read this book last year. I borrowed it from the library on my kindle and I read it in one day. I sat out on my balcony in the Vegas summer and just enjoyed being outside, probably getting sunburned, and flipping through the pages of an awesomely strung together story. It is a great little murder-mystery that makes you wonder, who really killed Simon?

2. The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen– This author has been my favorite since I was sixteen. Her books are just great little getaways for me. The Rest of the Story follows a girl as she is suddenly reunited with her mother’s side of the family, a side of the family she hasn’t seen since she was a kid. 

3. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard– This book is a rollercoaster of action, surprises and it is very hard to put down. Dennard’s world building is the best I’ve seen. I have so many questions and not enough answers. I have the second book, I just need to start it. This book is perfect if you don’t want the sole focus of the character’s plot line to be a love story. This book also has my favorite best friend-ship. 

4. You’d be Mine by Erin Hahn– I stumbled across this book when I took my brother and son out to the bookstore to pick out books for everybody. The story line seemed cute and just the type of story I like, cutesy YA. BOY DID IT DELIVER. I went home and read this book in a night. I regret nothing. It’s so good. It isn’t full of fluff like I thought it was going to be but the deep stuff was good and made the cute stuff even better. It was great.

5. Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins– I actually wrote a review for this book earlier this year. This is the first book in a series that I devoured in like four days. It has the perfect enemies to lovers troupe. However, the enemies thing is like a “should be enemies” deal. It’s great. 

This is part one, keep an eye out for part 2 where I’ll list out five more books!

P.S. Don’t worry about whether or not the book lover in your life might have already read a book you get them, get a gift receipt! No one has ever complained about having to go to a bookstore to exchange a book.

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