Writer’s Gift Guide

I’m enjoying making these little gift guides! Turns out, they’re fun. Hopefully you are finding these helpful. Today, we are going to be talking about the writer in your life. I’m sure we all have one. If you don’t, they probably just haven’t told you that they write. (hahaha, writers rarely share, we’re afraid of rejection and awkwardness.)

So here we go! The coolest gifts that will make a writer’s heart smile.

1. Notebook– this is a no brainer. Writers like notebooks and anything they can put words on. As gift buyers we think, “well they already have notebooks” OR “they’re a writer, do they really need another” YES. The answer is always yes. I have never met a writer that was upset they got another notebook. Even if they already have three, there is always a use that will need a notebook. I promise. Leather bound journals are my personal favorite. Anything with a nice cover works. Leuchtturm notebooks are really popular. I haven’t used one myself yet but I have only heard good things about them. 

2. Pens– again, another no brainer. If you have a pen snob in your life, odds are they are a writer. I personally like these pens as they don’t bleed through paper so I get to write in pretty colors, which makes journaling even more fun for me. My husband (who is also a writer) likes G2 fine point best.

3. Save the Cat Writes a Novel– I’ve heard this is the best book for writers to help them write. It’s been on my amazon wish list for over a year now. (I’ll get it one day) but I have heard other writers talk about this book and how helpful and amazing it is. 

4. Scrivener– A lot of authors, writers, editors swear by this program. I tried using it and I liked it but the book I was writing, the program was too much and I wanted something much simpler. However, for writers working on series books or massive books, this program is great. I am going to be trying it again in the near-ish future. There is a learning curve for it but once you get to know the program, there is no going back. (from what I understand.)

5. Coffee (or tea)– Things like a Keurig or a Nespresso are great. There are coffee subscriptions now too so maybe look into that. Caffeine is never unappreciated though. Coffee shop gift cards are also fantastic. Caffeine and a place to write that is different than the house/office? Sign me up! (Seriously, coffee is awesome!)

Hope this was helpful! If you’re a writer, drop a comment saying something you would love to get. I love seeing new gift ideas!  

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