Christmas Writing Prompts

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I love the snot out of Christmas. I love the whole holiday season where it seems like the world is agreeing with the idea of slowing down and enjoying things. I love the colder weather, the bundling up to go look at lights and all the things that happen during the holiday season. It rocks my socks off and I love every single minute of it.

Perhaps it is because last Christmas was really hard for me, but I’ve been enjoying this season more than I normally do. I’ve never been this extra about Christmas but I’m loving it and I’m not letting it go. There are probably a lot of factors that are playing into this year, my son being old enough to really understand what is happening, I’m not on bedrest, I have time. Oh my gosh it is amazing how things are less stressful when you are not filling your schedule full of things. This season is for generosity, serving and reflecting. Jesus came to earth to die for us and forgive us for our sins and for that reason, we should be celebrating! We are reconciled to God because of this sacrifice. In fact, last week, my pastor was going over all the ways there are celebrations in the Bible and how Jesus’ birth was celebrated. 

As a writer who is currently working on a book, sometimes I want a break. I love writing and I love doing these blog posts and I love working on my book, but sometimes, it is nice to switch gears. It is nice to write something silly that isn’t for someone else, necessarily. It is nice to write for fun. As I work on my writing schedule and getting it back in order (because November was not kind to me in terms of my schedule), I realize that while I want to write everyday, I want to respect my sabbath and rest day. The fact that I even take a rest day is huge progress for me, so let’s take a moment to appreciate that win. I want to get into the habit of writing every day. On my rest day, I don’t want to be working on my book. So, I’ve decided my rest days are going to be for fun writing. Maybe I’ll work on a different piece I have, maybe I’ll just find different prompts and write to those until I want to stop. The purpose is that I’m writing but there are no expectations. I am writing for fun. I get to be creative for fun. 

Since it is Christmas time and I am about to start writing a Christmas story (for a super fun family activity we are doing), I wanted to share some Christmas themed writing prompts with you! Let’s have fun writing this season instead of it feeling like something that is taking away from other Christmas activities.

Prompt #1- It’s Christmas Eve and you’re stuck at the airport. The clock strikes midnight and there is a tap on your shoulder.

Prompt #2- Santa’s REAL origin story.

Prompt #3- A Christmas poem about a stocking

Prompt #4- the REAL purpose of a candy cane

Have fun with these! Share some of your own in the comments! Let’s write together! 

One thought on “Christmas Writing Prompts”

  1. Is that your Christmas tree in the photo with the train at the bottom? Oh, so cute and festive!

    I like the prompts, especially the first one, but I’m already in the midst of a Christmas short story. It’s about Krampus. (Eek!)

    Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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