The Day After

Happy day after Christmas everybody! Over in the desert, we have a lot of rain, the highway to California is shut down because there is snow and everybody is being forced indoors. It’s a little weird. Normally, Christmas is cold but full of sun and the outdoors are begging us to come out and enjoy all the new toys. Little Man will have to learn to ride his bike another day, I suppose.

I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas spent with those who you love most. For us, the Christmas festivities have only begun! We did a whole day yesterday with the family and opening presents and it was holly jolly and wonderful. We still have another fam bam party happening in a few days though, when some more family come into town. I’m pretty excited. 

Today’s blog post was supposed to be about Luke and all the things I learned in reading a chapter a day for 24 days. This was something my hubby and I were doing together before we went to bed every night. However, we got behind and never finished. Life got in the way, headaches, Christmas parties, long work days that left us exhausted, normal adult things. We had a great start though. We’re going to keep the read a chapter of the Bible a night together going into the new year. We just have to decide what book we’re going to start with. 

As far as we did get though, we learned a lot. While we know the story of Jesus and his birth story very well, it was different allowing ourselves to slow down, pick out the parts we wanted to learn more about and then study it. We even went to our pastors with our questions. The genealogy of Jesus is different in Luke than it is in Matthew. The common belief is that Matthew details Joseph’s line and Luke details Mary’s. Jesus is from David’s line from both parents. How cool!

Even though we didn’t finish our challenge to read Luke every night, we did slow down and enjoy the season. We spent a lot of time at home, as a family, watching Christmas movies. We listening to all the Christmas music. We spent time with family. We got creative with gift giving and challenged ourselves to make thoughtful gifts that would be cool to the recipient, not just because we felt like making it. Little Man got to see family he doesn’t see very often and it really just felt like a magical time. God is good, you guys. He is and even when things are rough or unsteady, he is still there. That is what I saw the most this season. God was there, providing, healing, guiding and He hasn’t failed yet and He never will. These small reminders were just what I needed in a time of unsteadiness. Circumstances don’t define me or my life, my joy does. My choices do. While this is something I’ve known since I became an adult, that choices matter and my circumstances don’t define me—it was a nice to have the reminder. 

The best part about this season was to see how much Little Man enjoyed himself. He loved on everybody he saw and they loved on him right back. People loved on my husband and me. Love was abound and I hope I never lose the memory of this feeling. 

Christmas is fun, magical and glorious. We only have this holiday because of what Jesus did and I’ll spend the rest of my life on Earth using what I have to glorify him and thank him for what he did that allows me to go to God the father with my issues and problems and questions. I get to go to Heaven, I am forgiven because of what Jesus did.

That is what I’m going to remember.

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

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