Things I’m Not Doing in 2020

I’ve already talked about goals and my goal setting process. During my goal setting session, there were some things I’ve added to my technical goal sheet, although I don’t count them as actual goals. Things on this little list are like smooth transition for Kindergarten for Little Man, read 50 books this year, using my planner all year. Things that I have control over but not much. These things are what I call things I would like to do. I don’t count them as goals because if something happens and it doesn’t work out, I don’t want that disappointment or feeling like I failed. If I don’t use my paper planner all year, I don’t want to feel like a failure with my goals. Not using my planner isn’t as big as not writing my book. If I didn’t finish my book, I’d be grumpy about it and it would be my fault for not making the time for it. If I don’t use my paper planner all year like I want to, it is probably because I need to rethink a planning system for myself. That isn’t a failure, that is a lesson. I think the paper planner is going to work for me though, I’m a big fan of putting pen to paper. Plus, you remember things better when you write them down.

However, there is one thing on this list that is a little different than the rest of the list. There is something I don’t want to do in 2020. If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know what I’m talking about. I wanted to write about it though, so here we are.

In 2020, I’m going to stop using the word perfect.

The past decade has taught me a lot about expectations, boundaries, reality and real life. A lot of the lessons I learned had something to do with one of these things. If I have an expectation problem, it’s because I have too high of an expectation for myself or I put an assumption that someone else has a high expectation of me. I’ve also been chasing the idea of perfect for the past ten years, if not longer. If there is one thing, I know for sure this side of heaven, it is that I will never be perfect. It’s an expectation that I’m working really hard to take off myself.

Not using the word perfect is more about removing an unrealistic expectation in my life. Nothing will ever be perfect. Things can be great. Events can be wonderful and fun. My book can be great and well-written. However, it will probably never be perfect. I can always go back and rewrite something or word something better. Perfect is a concept that only exists in Heaven. Since I’m not there yet, I’m going to take away that expectation. I want my projects to be good and well thought out. I want them to be useful and ready.

Think about a new project. There is the initial concept phase, the design phase, there is the development phase, the test phase, the beta test phase, the more test phase, the final test phase and then the deployment phase. In my experience, the deployment phase isn’t done when things are perfect. The deployment phase happens when the project is ready for the masses. The project will probably have upgrades and bug fixes, but it is ready.

So instead of perfect, I’m going to think in terms of ready. Is my event ready for my friends to attend? Is my book ready for the rest of the world to read it? Is this product ready to be sold? Is it ready?

In the summer of 2019, Universal Studios Orlando opened a new ride in Harry Potter world. There was such a response to this ride that lines were hours long, every single day. (I actually heard the line got to 10 hours, but I don’t know how true that is) The park would close but that ride would still be running to accommodate the lines that were still so, so long. The ride started having issues because it was being ran so much for so long. They would have to close the ride and turn away customers to run maintenance and fix issues. They got a lot of complaints, but not because the ride wasn’t perfect. The ride wasn’t ready for the response it got. Nobody was upset about the lack of perfection; they were upset that the ride developers put out a ride that wasn’t 100% ready. (Universal Studios Hollywood learned from that mistake when they opened Jurassic World and well that went a lot smoother.)

Ready is a better idea to shoot for. Perfect is unachievable. Ready is within the realm of possibility. 

2 thoughts on “Things I’m Not Doing in 2020”

  1. “Ready.” I like it! Holy moley, I didn’t know about the Harry Potter ride. I’m most likely to use my planner when I’ve chosen a simple one. No extra boxes to fill, no extra lists to create, just a blank space for each day.


    1. Do they make planners that simple? I have a pretty simple one, blank spaces for days each week but a to-do list section. I have it all taped and sectioned off though because I’m extra. At least it is organized the way I want it to be.


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