Christmas Recap

We are into the first official week of January! I’m still struggling a little bit with Christmas being over. It is nice to take a step back and just focus on spending time with my family and doing whatever sounds fun. We were really intentional about what we did and I stinkin’ loved it.

Now that all the fun is over and we are looking at the face of 2020, I thought I’d share how we did Christmas this year and the fun things we did with our family. 

Gifts were super simple this year. I created boards for my family that had last names with the year they got married on them. For my best friend, I made a board for her that said “Author” and the year she published her first book. Another friend of mine and I are going to be exchanging books in the near-ish future and that will be our Christmas gifts. Hubby and I each got a small budget to go shopping with each other. We also gave each other lists of things we would want. We didn’t want to get each other gifts that were cool but not useful. Plus, with our no spending challenge, we didn’t want to get things that weren’t going to be a need. So, I bought him some paints and paint brushes for his miniatures and a polo shirt. He got me pretty hair clips (from one of my favorite stores) and patriots fuzzy socks. I am not really a sock person in all honestly. I wear no-shows because they are thin and don’t show no matter what shoes I wear. I mostly love them because they are thin and don’t make me feel too hot. However, in the winter, I am all about the socks and all the fuzzy socks. I love the cold, but I don’t need to be in my own house freezing my butt off. For Little Man we got him some puzzles, a Kiwi Crate box, and a snoopy stuffie. He sleeps with that snoopy almost every night and wants to take him places with us. Basically, I won Christmas. For Little Man, we knew he loved the toys he already had, and he still plays with them, every day. The last thing he really needed was more toys so we got him things that would engage his mind and challenge him. Except for the snoopy, obviously. He loves Charlie Brown and the Snoopy in Space show on Apple TV+. We kept referencing our tight budget for why we had to keep things simple and this was 100% true. However, I’m thankful for it because it really forced us to think about what would make a good gift rather than just getting something because we think a person would like it. It made us get very intentional with our gifts. In fact, I told hubby I was glad that we were next to broke because it made things simple this season. Next year, we’re sticking to being intentional with our gifts regardless of our budget. Useful, not random. It’s a good motto to have. Especially with my son’s gifts, he has plenty of toys and gets plenty of more toys throughout the year. Gifts from mommy & daddy are going to be learning gifts. 

We always do something for Christmas with my husband’s side of the family. Usually we exchange presents and play some games. This year, we did a Christmas themed scavenger hunt. My mother-in-law created the categories and sent us off to complete the tasks. We took pictures and uploaded them into a dropbox. We had from Thanksgiving till our Christmas party to complete the tasks. During our Christmas party, we looked at everybody’s pictures and voted on winners. (Our little fam bam won this year.) I hope we do it again next year. It was a lot of fun. Even if we don’t do it with them, I might plan my own scavenger hunt with my friends. It was really cool to see other people’s creativity and how they decided to put a spin on something. 

The best part about the Christmas season this past year was that we only did what we wanted to do. We allowed ourselves to be in the moment. We choose activities that made us excited for Christmas. We stayed home and watched movies together most days. We stayed home. This is a first for us mainly because I’m always trying to get us to go out and do things. I always try to make us NOT be at home. However, my bed rest taught me the beauty of being home. My home is a gift. It is a blessing. Spending time in my home, with the people that matter most, creating memories is the most important thing. I have a home that my little man is growing up in and that is amazing. 

I definitely feel like we were more intentional this season and it was wonderful. It was beautiful. I can only hope that next year’s Christmas looks similar to this. Simple and intentional. 

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