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What is & Jesus?

& Jesus is a 30 day journaling devotional designed to help you start building a journaling habit. I personally believe that journaling is a great way to dive into a deeper relationship with God.

I believe this because this is what I live. I have seen my relationship with God deepen with my journaling and writing. I hear God the loudest and clearest when I am writing and using my writing to worship him. I wrote & Jesus to share my own experiences and share how journaling has really helped me.

I am constantly saying write it out and now I’m telling you to too! Plus I am showing you how to do it.

Each daily devotional has 3 journaling prompts to go along with the devotional. You can choose how you want to write it out. You can respond to all three prompts or just pick one and roll with it.

The beauty of it is that you start your own journaling practice, your own way of writing. This is all about you and your relationship with God. I’m just sharing my heart.

If you want to hear more, you can listed to my podcast Hasta la Pasta! In episode one, I talk all about the book and why I wrote it and why I choose that title. You can listen to that episode here.