Book Review- Two Can Keep A Secret

Two Can Keep A Secret is by Karen M. McManus and her second book that is out in the wild. I remember being at the bookstore with my friend, having her pick out a birthday present (I was also really late for her birthday present so she got to pick out whatever she wanted at the bookstore) I saw Two Can Keep A Secret on a table for new releases and promptly grabbed it to find out what it was about. McManus has this tendency to have clever sounding covers that make you want to start reading the entire book right there in the store. 

Two Can Keep A Secret is a mystery that leaves you with more questions than answers. At least, until you get to the end. Things are then wrapped in a nice little bow, which is my favorite type of ending. All the loose ends tied, nothing that leaves you hanging and itching for the next book in a series. If McManus keeps up this trend of stand-alone books, she is going to be my next favorite author.*

Two Can Keep A Secret has two POV’s. One of them, Ellery, is a self-taught detective. Meaning, she listens to a lot of real crime podcasts and reads all the stories. Her own life could be the plot of one of these podcasts. However, even before her move to a small town and her real crime-like situation— her family is already clouded with mystery. Her mother’s twin sister disappeared after homecoming and was never found. Factor in the fact that a few years before Ellery moves there and this book takes place, another girl went missing after homecoming and was found later, murdered. Also, both these crimes are unsolved. Things are about to get real. 

When I started seeing reviews for this book, I got excited. Everybody was loving it and the people I saw on social media were praising it. One line kept being repeated, The Last Line, OH MY GOSH! (plus all things similar)

That is when I started to get skeptical. How powerful could a last line be? Really though, how could a book that was fully completed with no loose threads (me, assuming it had no loose threads before reading it) have that powerful of an ending line? As a writer, I didn’t even know how it was possible to write one.

The book ends with no loose ends or things hanging, except for my jaw that hit the floor when I read the last line. Yes, my friends, it is that good and powerful and unexpected. I actually liked this book a little more than One of Us is Lying. I couldn’t figure out who the main suspect was. I couldn’t figure out who would have had a motive. The questions kept piling on top of each other and I had zero leads on who was doing what. (I might not make a good detective guys.) 

This book isa really great read. You should get it and take a look for yourself. Let me know how far your jaw hangs at the last line. 

*Her newest book, One of Us is Next is technically a sequel to One of Us is Lying but it is told in different POV’s than the first book. I don’t need to read the first book to understand the second and vice versa. (At least, from what I know I still need to read it guys.) 


Every year the women’s ministry at my church has a retreat. We leave Vegas to a beautiful town; the hotel is always cute. We decorate it and have amazing speakers and it is a wonderful weekend full of fellowship with amazing ladies, renewal and God moving. I have never been to a retreat where God didn’t move. Retreat is my favorite event of the year. I look forward to it, I enjoy it and I love growing closer with my sisters in Christ.

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Christmas Recap

We are into the first official week of January! I’m still struggling a little bit with Christmas being over. It is nice to take a step back and just focus on spending time with my family and doing whatever sounds fun. We were really intentional about what we did and I stinkin’ loved it.

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What is Writing Out Loud?

Growing up, there was one feeling I remember feeling the most out of all the others. Alone. I felt alone. I felt like I was a burden to others around me because I always had something going on. There was always something. I don’t know how I learned it—but I learned it was a negative thing. I was the only one I knew with a mentally disabled brother. I was the only one with a terminally ill mother. I was the only one in my neighborhood who was going through, well, everything. Everybody else around me was all smiles and happiness and easy. Oh my gosh, how I just wished for easy. 

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Things I’m Not Doing in 2020

I’ve already talked about goals and my goal setting process. During my goal setting session, there were some things I’ve added to my technical goal sheet, although I don’t count them as actual goals. Things on this little list are like smooth transition for Kindergarten for Little Man, read 50 books this year, using my planner all year. Things that I have control over but not much. These things are what I call things I would like to do. I don’t count them as goals because if something happens and it doesn’t work out, I don’t want that disappointment or feeling like I failed. If I don’t use my paper planner all year, I don’t want to feel like a failure with my goals. Not using my planner isn’t as big as not writing my book. If I didn’t finish my book, I’d be grumpy about it and it would be my fault for not making the time for it. If I don’t use my paper planner all year like I want to, it is probably because I need to rethink a planning system for myself. That isn’t a failure, that is a lesson. I think the paper planner is going to work for me though, I’m a big fan of putting pen to paper. Plus, you remember things better when you write them down.

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