Easy Date Nights

During our first few years of marriage, before Little Man was even an idea or a concept, we took a class called Love & Respect which was videos and the book Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerich. This class should be part of pre-marital counseling, if you ask me. This class opened my eyes to see marriage in a different light. Plus, it solved half my problems before they actually became a problem. One of the important things this class stressed was daily time with your spouse, that was just you two. Time that the kid (or kids) knew not to bother you and they did something else for those fifteen minutes or whatever. It was called couch time. My hubby and I are kinda awful at couch time. We spend a lot of time together doing similar activities and doing the shoulder to shoulder thing Eggerich talks about. But, one thing we latched onto, eventually, was date night.

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