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True Colors VS Enneagram

If you listed to my podcast episode on being task minded, you probably heard me talk about being a Gold. Gold is a color that falls under the True Colors personality quiz. I’ve learned that many people haven’t heard of True Colors because True Colors is used a lot in the public sector, big companies use it. True Colors isn’t used to put people in personality boxes but more to help us understand each other better and work better together. It is great for understanding communication since we all communicate differently. 

You’ve probably heard of the Enneagram though. It’s become the new Myers-Briggs when it comes to personality tests. Which, I’m okay with because remembering my what my Myers-Briggs means is rough. I know my initials but I cannot tell you what they mean. I had to google. However, with Myers-Briggs I am an ENFJ, if you are curious. 

I took the enneagram test last year, I actually first heard about it in an issue of the Magnolia Journal. I appreciate what enneagram does and I was easily typed. The thing that caused me to pause on enneagram was that I had multiple friends that couldn’t figure out their type and every test typed them as something different. My friends couldn’t figure out their type and I didn’t understand how tests could have such different results. Plus, with the enneagram, I’ve heard multiple times that you just pick the type that sounds like you. I have actually heard multiple people who are basically experts in Enneagram talk about how you just sort of pick yours based on which one describes you the best. (Podcasts teach you things, you know.)

When I took my class on True Colors, I felt like I discovered new things about myself even though they were things I knew. True colors is the personality quiz that really helped me figure out how I communicated and when I made my husband take the test, it completely changed our communication. I already knew my husband and I were very different but his True Colors results were the opposite of mine. What I liked about True Colors is that you will fall within each of the four colors when you take the test, everybody has a spectrum. And different parts of you, or different colors in your spectrum come out depending on who you are around, what you are doing and where you are.

My true colors spectrum is Gold/Blue/Orange/Green. My enneagram is Type 1. I’m going to compare what the these different personality quizzes say about who I am and if they match up. 

Starting with Enneagram! (From the Enneagram Institute)

Type 1: The rational, idealistic type: principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic. 

Type ones have a sense of mission and and desire to improve the world. Ones strive for higher values. They wish to be useful. They feel like they have to justify their actions to themselves and to others. Ones tend to reign in their emotions and they come off as rigid. Ones believe that being strict with themselves with eventually lead to becoming perfect and will justify themselves to others and in our own eyes. 

I just basically summed up what the entire page of Type 1 says. Say hello to all the crazy thoughts inside my head. The need to be perfect is a daily struggle and something I am constantly growing and working on, accepting that I am not perfect and I will never achieve that is a daily reminder. 

Switching to True Colors (From True Colors International)

Golds enjoy being (even need to be) extremely organized. They like the sense of accomplishment and checking off items on the to-do list. Their strengths are being trustworthy, detail-oriented, prepared, responsible and organized. They value authority, structure and procedures.

I’ve always said I like True Colors over any other personality quiz because I felt like it covered true humanity in the ebbs and flow of personality with the spectrum. I knew what being an enneagram type one meant and I just thought each personality quiz said the same things about people they just had a different way of putting the information together. 

Now that I have put my True Colors color next to my Enneagram type, I see that personality quizzes focus on different aspects of our personality. Each of these results are true about me and both of these results explain who I am. 

However, just looking at the enneagram, you wouldn’t figure out that I am task minded, seeing the world in the form of a to-do list. My enneagram will tell you that I’m hard on myself and that I strive for perfection but my color spectrum doesn’t tell you that. 

Even looking at my Myers-Briggs, I saw different parts of me shown and modeled for explanation for why I fall into that type and those all fit too. All three of these results do explain who I am, however, I am much more than just what some test results say.

Personality quizzes are fun and they definitely help with introspection and trying to understand ourselves better. When we know who we are, we can do life better. However, these tests are not the end all be all about who we are. If I took these tests years ago, I would probably get the same results. However, the results wouldn’t show how I’m growing out of my need to chase perfection. The results wouldn’t show that I’m learning to take things off the to-do list and delegate and allow things to slide because I cannot accomplish the entire to-do list in one day. 

Personality quizzes don’t show growth. I’m not the same person I was five years ago, even though she would have gotten the same results.