Mommy/Son Dates

When I was a kid, Saturday mornings were for my mom. We would go out on mommy/daughter dates and spend most of Saturday together. Usually we went to run some errands, sometimes Costco or Sam’s Club trips. We would go to the bookstore so I could pick out a book. We would go to the mall and sometimes I even got to get a book from the bookstore in the mall. (which is no longer a thing and hurts my heart.) We would get lunch at Applebee’s when we were done. Sometimes Chili’s, but normally it was Applebee’s. I can still see the restaurant in my head where we would sit in the big booths next to the big windows. I could people watch and see all the cars driving in the parking lot. It wasn’t glamorous but it was my time with my mom and I loved every single second of it.

Now that I have my little man, I decided to keep the tradition going. We have mommy/son dates once a week. Usually, it involves a trip to Starbucks to start us off, I like caffeine and Lucas gets a little treat. It’s really a win/win situation. Then we’ll run any errands I might need to run. After the errands, if any, we go do something fun for us. Sometimes we go to the library, or the bookstore. Now that the weather is better than rain but not too hot yet, we might go to a park, or maybe I’ll take him to the museum. The point of these activities is that he gets to do whatever he wants and have fun. If we go to the library, he gets to pick whatever books he wants to check out and we can sit and read whatever he wants to read while we are there. Our library also has coloring stations so he can color whatever he likes. 

During our dates, I make a concentrated effort to keep my phone away unless I am taking pictures. If someone texts or calls and it can wait, it waits until after my date. My focus is on Little Man and whatever we are doing. Little man loves to talk and tell me stories so I listen and keep track of everything he tells me. His favorite thing right now is to shout out “banana” and “apple pie” randomly. 

My favorite thing about keeping this tradition is that we have so much fun. Last week we went to California so our mommy/son date was Universal Studios and we did whatever he wanted there. I stopped to see every character he wanted to see. We waited in lines for whatever ride he wanted. I’ll be posting about the trip soon so keep an eye out for that. I cannot wait to share all the fun we had. This week we did a Target run where he got to pick out a toy and we went and got lunch. After lunch we hung out at the place for a little bit (they had wifi) I worked on getting next month ready in my planner and he did his ABCMouse for a half hour. While our date was smaller this week, we still had a good time. Our date was smaller this week because later that day we picked up my brother to take him out for dinner and went to the bookstore and we all got a book. 

My pastor tells us constantly that children spell love T-I-M-E. He isn’t wrong. I know one day Little Man will grow up and I’ll be the last person he will want to hang out with, so for right now, I’m going to do my mommy/son dates while they make him happy. He even asks for them now. “Mommy, can we go on a date?”